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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

T.H.I.N.G.S I’ve eaten (Polo version)

Well, recently I'm being caught again for eating something which I'm not supposed to eat. The humans were so worried when they found some wrapper on my mouth (ok I admit I'm not so skilful this time round).

How it started?

I saw an appealing Muji biscuits packet in the rubbish bin, as u know my legs are long, I stand up and got the packet easily. After eating, I left the room and walked around the house as per normal. Stupid me, left the wrapper on my mouth which leads the human to became suspicious of me.

How it ends?

A round of whacking. *piak piak piak......................................*
C R Y...I am only a 8 months old baby!

After the whacking, she browse through the website and came to know that it's actually not so serious; the most is that I will have the following side effects such as:

Dry eyes
An irritated, dry feeling in your throat
Aggravated, dry mucous membranes and nasal cavity
An upset stomach or stomach discomfort

So far, none has occurs on me. I must say that i'm lucky to have a STRONG stomach.

T.H.I.N.G.S I've eaten (Polo version)

1. Soccer Shin Guard

2. “Do not eat” silica gel packets

3. Spectacle plastic (teeth mark)
4. Soft toy eyes, nose (teeth mark)
5. Hair band (teeth mark)
6. Rubber band
7. Laptop cable

I believe that this list will keep going on...*evil grin*

p/s: Some of the stuff are not even in the list, cos’the human aren’t aware of it!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

this festive season...

the MOPO brothers says: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!!

momo refuse to get near polo

polo is wondering why...???

momo tries to get a little nearer

ok this is the nearest limit...dont force me!!

p/s: we were very happy cos' we got CNY clothes as our xmas pressie this year...will post the pics soon after CNY!

stay tune

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

new member in the house...

erm erm...it's been nearly a year since i last updated this dlog / blog...my gawd, i totally forgot or should i say i'm just too lazy busy to update lar. anyway everything is going well here, momo is still as fat as he used to be, not losing any weight even though he has been sterilised. oh yesh, he is no longer a real man now, haha. but this is for his own good, cos' he has intent testicles, so no choice but to make the decision to removes his 'balls'...many ppl said that after sterilisation, the dog behaviour will change (like those active dog will become less active blah blah blah) but for momo, he's not an active dog in the first place, so i dont see much difference in him...the only difference i see is that he likes to bark a lot nowadays. i'm not sure if it's because of this change or he's jealous becos' a new member has arrived in the house!

Our new member, Polo is 6 months old now. He’s a red toy poodle, same breed as momo but just different color. Character wise also quite different from momo, he’s very active, or should I say all puppy behaves like this, but he will listen to commands, not like those crazy kind who goes really siao when playing. Momo, was always acting like a big brother when it comes to playing with polo. He will only plays with him when he feels like, so it’s pretty hard for baby polo to try to get his brother lazy bum up to play with him. Usually, only after 4-5 attempts of biting a toy in front of momo (pushing him, hugging him in all ways), then he will start to play with him. Haha so it was quite funny actually to see them in this kind of behaviour.

Pictures of Polo…

3 months old (1st day arrival)
4 months old (1st grooming)

the mOpO brothers guarding the door..

6 months (current look)

momo is still the same...teary eyes as usual...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

detective mo in action

sniffing around for suspicious items....as in mum mum

which one is mine??

hmmm..what will i get for this yr xmas??

i hate my new nickname

weather so cold these days...so i slept most of the time, abt 22 hrs a day. kuku owner brought me to the vet that day, dr kasey said i put on weight already, must control my diet. arghh..then kuku owner kept calling me 'bui mo' from that day onwards. -_-


on a beautiful sunday morning, she woke up and suddenly have this crazy idea...i was being forced to wear this stupid spect of hers..arghhh i know i cant escape so just smile and 'ren' for a while

do i look professional?

Friday, October 05, 2007

Mooncake Festival 25.9.07

Who says only human can enjoy mooncake? Dogs also can ok...thanks to USDB and of cos J for making an effort to order the mooncake for me. hee

Mooncakes from US Doggie Bakery

red bean paste..


find it quite sticky..but i like it after a few bites

i want more!

kinda sweet, so i hv to drink more water!

ok i'm goin to slp.

complimentary: apple cupcakes...but i can only eat this tmr.

good nite.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

National Dog Walk 05.08.2007

The mattleah national dog walk is here again! and of coz, i participated too. but this yr there were more ppl and pooches...i guess this event has created more awareness to furkids owners. and this yr, the goodie bag contains more fabulous goodies, there's even picnic mat and hand held fan. hehe what a considerate sponsor!

most importantly, i walked the whole 1km by myself, without asking J to carry me, and i walked back to take the car car with them after the end of the walk. praise me praise me!!

alrighty, photos time....

me and the very young wang wang...

waiting for the walk to start off

yay! starting of the 1km walk..dun disturb me pls

see, i walk so fast...J faster lehzz

2 gorgeous poodless..

tacko and me

half way thru the walk...

reaching reaching...

another gorgeous poodles...they are brothers (J went to PR with the owner) hehe

Yay! i MADE it...

i'm so proud of myself...i'm a FIT doggie!

Monday, July 02, 2007

My outing day 30.06.2007

there's a new human cum dog cafe in town!! i've heard the human talking about it since monday, i feel so excited when J told me that we will be going there on saturday...hehe!! and as promised i was brought there for a meal and then to tanjong beach for a swim...yay!!

my taxi...

preparing to go out...

in car car

'Pawtobello', at mohd sultan road

very nice ambience..make me feels like i'm in europe

fish chowder with brown rice

i feel so blessed..

enjoying the dory fish...i dun like the taste of brown rice

the human had mutton curry briyani

chicken almond sandwich...their food look so much nicer!

walking around after eating...with a cutie chh

opps..i'm sorry

who's gonna open the car door for me??

S.E.N.T.O.S.A, here i come!!

my first time swimming...

i love the beach!

trying to sun tan...

aww...so happy

resting at km8...

wat a good weather and saturday afternoon!